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Cyber Digital Transformation Advisory Services

using technology advisory and management services from our network of globAl technology executives will propel your company forward

New technologies are emerging every day, including advances in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bioengineering. These technologies have the potential to disrupt industries but most organizations lack the time, skills or resources to invest in these opportunities.

Our vision

Provide organizations of all size with the skills, expertise and knowledge they lack to innovate, transform and disrupt their industries and conquer their markets.

Provide organization needing to get their cyber and technology organization ready for the challenges of becoming a publicly traded organization.

All public companies need a strong cyber and compliance posture to meet the scrutiny of investors. We have done it before, we have created programs and implemented systems to improve cyber and regulatory compliance and we can help your organization.

Advisory, Leadership and Management Services



Virtual or INTERIM


Virtual or INTERIM 


Virtual and Interim Technology focused CEO, CIO/CTO/CDO or CISO, advisory services to Boards, Business Owners, CEOs and their executive teams in small and mid-market companies with a laser focus on profitable sales growth, strategic execution, people development and business diversification.


All organizations evolve throughout time. If your organization is not continuing to evolve, then be prepared to face competitive and other business growth challenges. When “C” level leadership is looking for a fresh perspective, or looking to cut back on work schedules, and you don’t have complete business leadership coverage in place either during the interim, or while contemplating transformation process, it is necessary to put into place support for an existing “C” level executive or place an interim "C" level executive to run or advise the business.

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Management leadership

Technology has never been more strategic than it is to modern business.  Because Technology skills are so different from those they possess, most CEOs and Boards of Directors want an experienced leader at the top of their IT organization. Experience is critical in IT decisions from architecture to culture, staffing, and vendor negotiations.  These crucial IT strategy decisions will reverberate – for better or for worse – across their companies for years to come.


Cyberverse Advisors services provide a deep link between business and IT, and help you to stay ahead of the constantly changing technology landscape. Our experts help companies navigate the complexity of today's dynamic environment while addressing critical issues of new business models, risk, governance, data and security - while keeping a sharp eye on cost and quality.


Insights into how the C-suite views IT’s challenges and strategies can help achieve IT’s goals. Organizations moving to or expanding in the cloud can benefit from the counsel of an IT strategist who has navigated the transition and can advise on best practices. 


Cyberverse Advisors provide a trusted advisor to guide your organization through the planning, implementation and support of its initiatives, as well as help prepare strategies for future investments and better align IT with business needs.

Our simple approach to cyber and digital technology innovation will propel your organization to meet the challenges of an ever increasing digital world


Technology strategy is the creation of an overall business plan which consists of principles, objectives, and tactics for using technology to achieve organizational objectives.


Effective technology planning is an involved process. It takes a commitment of time and resources from senior advisors and other staff. In order to make good decisions, an organization also needs to understand key aspects of technology.


Technology implementation services focuses on ensuring efficient, secure IT operations and driving the most value out of technology investments. A successful implementation requires thorough planning, strategy and design.