The latest version of The Connective Platform™️ boasts increased customization capabilities that allow users to better manage an organization’s cyber attack surface.

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The Connective Platform™ (TCP), a comprehensive cybersecurity tool developed in collaboration between New Push and CyberVerse Advisors released its latest version v23.1. This latest version enhances TCP’s customization capabilities, allowing for more effective management of an organization’s cyber attack surface.

The update gives The Connective Platform the ability to customize the executive dashboard to the specific needs of the CEO and their executive team members, allowing the organization to modify where and how they see the information. This provides TCP with the adaptability to meet the different needs, personalities, and management styles of CEOs and other top executives. It also integrates the executive dashboard into the communication environment, enabling interfaces to export the data on the touch dashboard to a format that they can then email to the team or present in their internal meetings.

Aside from the dashboards already available for the CEO, CIO, and CISO, the latest version adds the ability to create customized dashboards for additional stakeholders, presenting information tailored to their roles. This recognizes the fact that there are other members of the organization that have an interest in its security posture, outside of the three executive roles previously mentioned.

“We are opening up the possibility of creating various customizations within The Connective Platform™️,” says Rodrigo Loureiro, managing director of CyberVerse Advisors. “Behind our executive dashboards are proprietary algorithms that assess the risk and assess the cybersecurity posture of the organization across all of their business units and across all the cybersecurity tools that they have in their environment.”

Version 23.1 allows organizations to customize their risk level and risk tolerance configurations, which are based on how much risk they see as acceptable. This can easily be reconfigured through TCP without needing to do a code change or an extensive development project.

Along with the newly introduced customization capabilities, TCP received a revamped user interface that enhances its user-friendliness and makes it easier for users to see the information they need.

According to Rodrigo, most cyber attack surface management tools focus heavily on reporting, but they do not place enough emphasis on management. The latest version improves TCP’s capabilities in the management category, which includes increasing the number of onboarded applications, allowing users to more easily take action and improve their organization’s cybersecurity.

“The key here is unlocking interoperability between tools pushing and reading information from and to popular cybersecurity tools covering vulnerability scanning, end point detection, patching, and threat detection. Analysts have found that customers are frustrated that there isn’t enough interoperability among cybersecurity management tools. Those tools are really good at ingesting information and showing users where the gaps are. But what are users going to do about these gaps? Analysis can give you a good picture of what’s really happening, but management ensures that your people act consistently with your priorities.”

In future updates, NewPush and CyberVerse Advisors are planning to bring to the market a joint venture. This venture will allow the companies to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities within The Connective Platform™️, allowing it to revolutionize the platform by

automating the cybersecurity life cycle and strengthening organizations’ cybersecurity posture.

About CyberVerse Advisors and NewPush

CyberVerse Advisors is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, and was founded in early 2022. The company provides innovative and disruptive cyber & digital transformation advisory services to boards, business owners, CEOs, and their executive teams.

New Push is a leading provider of cyber security solutions and services focused on comprehensive cyber protection, helping organizations leverage coordinated cybersecurity and attack surface management (ASM), covering assets (CAASM), people (SAT), and access (IAM+IGA). NewPush works with CIOs and CISOs to help them successfully develop and execute their cybersecurity, risk reduction, and compliance programs.

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