Cycling is another pillar of my story,

I’ve had a very successful career yes, I’m going to continue a very successful career with CyberVerse Advisors and working with The Connective Platform. But I think there’s more we need to give back. And the way that I’m giving back is through cycling. Cycling saved my life, once upon a time I was over 250 lbs. Today I’m more regular, while I still have a few pounds to shed, I’m healthy. And I’m healthy because of cycling.

Cycling unbound is the way that I found to give back to the society, to talk to the society, to talk to the people, give an understanding of what is the value of cycling. Cycling as a way to improve your health, cycling as a way to understand your communities. Because when you’re going in a car, 60 mph on the road, you really don’t connect to your community. When you’re going at 15 mph, you get to know, you become part of that community. So cycling is very important.