Our Connective platform, is a new approach of securing the environment can bring a value to all organizations, especially complex organizations, especially those that span multiple regions/departments/agencies, have problems that are very specific to them, primarily related to the disparate systems that they have. When an organization grows, acquisitions or local leaders have implemented different technologies. Bringing order to all of these disparate systems, all of these systems that don’t talk to each other is very important.
And the big message, the big thing that I’m bringing in terms of our software is to bring the interoperability of these different cybersecurity technologies that companies have across all of its environment and bringing that into one centralized view of the systems.


(00:00) very briefly that’s one of the challenges of heritage software is how to unpick it how to without tearing it all up and starting again which is almost impossible in most systems how do you integrate new ideas into i would say that it’s a it’s a battle that we’re not gonna win you know i when i started my career about 30 years ago people were already talking about and i’m going to be a little be a little bit technical they’re they’re already talking about oh we’re going to get rid of this thing
(00:26) that is called cobol which is a very old programming language well kobold is still around these large systems large legacy systems are still around so the secret that i that i found for my success in my career was to make systems work together and that’s really the key for me is to bring that interoperability of systems to interconnect all of the systems gather all the data across all of these systems and really make them work together because these systems legacy systems are highly complex and most organizations
(01:02) don’t want to take the risk of rewriting millions of lines of code in order to bring a completely new system