Optimist about the future ?


There Isn’t a challenge that We Cannot take on, technology and cybersecurity play a critical role in improving our lives


(00:00) bearing in mind cyberverse the new venture and what you’re saying about people changing the way they work and changing their lives particularly post pandemic are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future i’m very optimistic i’m very optimistic i’m i’m an optimist person by nature there was never a challenge that i didn’t i didn’t want to take on this is a new challenge that i’m taking on and i do think that everywhere we look especially right now with a pandemic with a war going on in europe
(00:30) it’s very easy for us to become negatives but i think we can fight the negativism and we can take a look and a positive outlook on on our lives and our future and i think technology and cyber security play a political role in improving our lives rodrigo lorrero thanks very much indeed thank you