The need for a connective platform, a new approach of securing the corporate technology environment,  for organizations of all sizes.



(00:00) we’ve had a pandemic things have changed is the timing of your launch relevant do you think to that absolutely it’s it’s absolutely relevant um you know we had some very difficult two last years our society and our world in general uh our entire society the the way people look at the way that that they are they’re doing what is valuable for them has changed i myself find part of that movement that big movement that people say that it’s the great resignations some people call it the great rethinking
(00:35) and i found myself after after two years of the pandemic although in a very successful corporate career finding myself i need to do more and that’s why i started cyber verse advisors well you’ve had a great rethink uh what about your target market i mean you’ve been an international international education for past seven years but is that the sector you’re going to go for or is this more broad-based you know people always go to what they’re familiar with and what they work with so obviously yes i start in
(01:04) higher education that’s what i’ve been working for the past seven years but the financial market which i have worked for a decade before had joined my previous company is also a target for me governments are a huge target because unfortunately government organizations are very weak in terms of cyber security and i believe that our our connective platform our our new approach of securing the environment can bring a value to all organizations organizations of all sides although that we are focusing on large complex
(01:39) organizations because those large complex organizations especially those that span multiple regions have problems that are very specific to them primarily related to the disparate systems that they have when an organization grows there’s a lot of legacy a lot of systems that they inherited from other other companies acquisitions or local local leaders have implemented different technologies and bringing order to all of these disparate systems all of these systems that don’t talk to each other it’s very
(02:14) important for us and the big message the big thing that i’m bringing in terms of our software is to bring the interoperability of these different cyber security technologies that the company has across all of its environment and bringing that into one centralized view of the systems that can ensure that the leaders of the company can go at night sleep because they know that they’re doing the best and they will not make basic mistakes and they will cover and protect their data