Every year, cybersecurity changes.
Standing still is actually going backwards.
You cannot rest on your laurels, because the world is ever evolving. It’s increasingly going digital, and it’s opening up the frontiers to the entire world. Traditionally, you deal with the security that is local. The people that are out to get you are the local people.
With the Internet and the digital universe, everybody everywhere in the world can come and get your information.


(00:00) so what can clients expect from your software from your systems what they can expect from from our software solutions is 30 years of experience i spent 30 years developing cyber security programs for large banks large telecom companies and i spent seven years bringing to maturity a very significant cyber security program for the largest university network in the world a university network that had 65 universities spread across 27 countries servicing more than a million students and what i did was i created a
(00:38) novel approach to cyber security an approach that secures the servers we call them the assets secures the identities and secures the people and by bringing together the people that work on the assets on the servers and their identities we create a complete 360 degree vision of all the environment on your security you know us we answered the question who did what and when and that is the answer that the leaders of the companies today are looking in terms of cyber security to really understand what is going on in
(01:15) their systems and identify the vulnerabilities identify the gaps in their cyber security coverage and that is what the software is doing it essentially codifies 30 years of experience of developing the cyber security into a software solution i mean how serious is the security issue these days how safe or unsafe are we well the short answer is that nobody knows this is a huge problem because uh cyber security all of our lives are now in in the digital universe we have trusted all of these companies that we work with and
(01:54) we put there all of our knowledge all of our identities all of our experiences and there are cyber crime organizations trying trying to get that information and the hard reality is that companies are spending millions upon millions of dollars in trying to secure and yet they don’t feel safe but it moves doesn’t it every year it’s a different story it changes the the dynamic changes absolutely every year it changes i always i always tell tell my people and all the people that i work with that standing still is actually going
(02:28) backwards so you cannot rest on your laurels because the world is ever evolving it’s increasingly going digital and it’s opening up the frontiers to the entire world traditionally you you deal with the security that that is local the people that are out to get you are the local people with the internet and the digital universe everybody everywhere in the world can come and get your your information