Earlier this year Rodrigo Loureiro, Managing Partner of CyberVerse Advisors talks about the importance of cybersecurity in technology and explains why tech cannot survive without it, with Adam Torres of Mission Matters.

How did you get started?

Rodrigo has long held a keen interest in technology, coding and developing since the age of 12. In the early 2000s, he was working as a chief technology architect in a global software solutions provider when it pivoted to a SaaS model, requiring the team to address and enforce the issue of cybersecurity. This, he says, is what sparked his fascination with cybersecurity in particular.

Further down the road, having invested years developing a world-class information security program for a global corporation, he became its global CIO. Over time, however, he found himself wanting to share his 30 years of expertise with more organizations; this desire led him into the realm of technology strategy and cybersecurity consulting with CyberVerse Advisors, where he is its managing partner.

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From your vantage point, what’s happening in cybersecurity in 2022?

The traditional enterprise technology environment no longer exists, Rodrigo notes. Private data centers and private networks have now shifted to the cloud, and the pandemic has accelerated the remote work model. This rapid change in dynamic has led to an explosion in an organization’s cyber-attack surface, giving hackers more opportunities to penetrate the corporate environment. To secure their networks, he says, organizations need to deploy an ever-increasing number of cybersecurity tools.

The Connective platform and its need

In his work, Rodrigo draws on his deep experience deploying security tools and building programs for diverse attack surface environments in which the network is expanded across multiple continents, cultures, and teams.

“My vision behind the Connective platform,” he says, “was to embody all my extensive learnings and long-standing experience into one security solution.” The Connective Platform allows companies full visibility and control of all technology assets across the environment, he explains, letting them aggregate that information across all the identities used to login into those assets.

How does The Connective Platform provide value to companies?

Rodrigo explains that the time for deployment of security systems is proportional to the complexity of the environment. A large company, for example, may need a multi-month endeavor to deploy a system. However, The Connective Platform focuses on providing value in a short timeframe and hence, demonstrates the value of the solution by progressively securing the organization’s assets and identities and attack surface, until reaching full coverage.

While The Connective Platform is initially targeting universities, educational companies, financial institutions, and government organizations, it provides its services to any company with a high degree of complexity in its technology environment. When asked for a piece of universal advice for such companies, Rodrigo says he recommends not putting all their dollars into technology, but rather, maintaining a balance among people, process, and technology.